lsposed enable
lsposed disable

lsposed add
lsposed rm

My thought is:

place the cli in /data/adb/lspd/bin/lsposed, which is a shell script to launch app_process with lspd.dex (we need to use binder so java is required).

And the interface is like:
lsposed scope ls org.lsposed.module: output the scope of module. One package name with userid per line. ( Empty module name with list all modules.

lsposed scope set org.lsposed.module replace the scope with apps provided. (-i/--ignore-modules after set to ignore invalid apps)

lsposed scope append/remove append/remove provided apps to the scope. (not atomic) (also -i)

lsposed modules disable/enable org.lsposed.module: enable/disabled provided modules.

lsposed modules ls: list all modules. (-e/--enabled, -d/--disabled to show enabled/disable modules)

lsposed status: show status of lsposed

lsposed log: show modules log. -v to show verbose.log. -f to follow. (don't know if its possible)

lsposed resources-hook enable/disable

if its good to u all, we can then discuss the output format.

more features can be done like: hide manager, set manager package name, …



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